ECommerce is slowly and steadily taking control over the traditional shopping ways. This is certainly not a situation to be worried about. But this is definitely to be taken as a situation that helps one to get ready for the change. Why would anyone love to visit a particular shopping site repeatedly? Simply, because they provide good offers? Or does this go even beyond that? Ecommerce sites give you so many options for choosing great products for you.

Here are few reasons a particular shopping site is more flooded than any other:

The facts and reasons work well not only for the best online shopping sites located in Singapore. But these reasons also hold good for many other shopping sites located elsewhere in the country.

  1. Easy signup and login processes.
  2. Huge selection of stock and over a variety of categories.
  3. Amazing discounts and coupons.
  4. Easy and helpful suggestions on items already in the cart.
  5. Variety of payment options supported.
  6. Payment is hassle-free and without any breach of payment information.
  7. Along with an easy shopping experience, the site provides easy and timely deliveries.
  8. Returns and refunds are made easy.
  9. Smooth checkout facility.
  10. Better insights into fashion and product comparisons.

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Here is a list to follow when the talk is about the top eCommerce websites in Singapore.

1. Qoo10


This one plays well because of the amazing offers the site has. Offers work far and beyond the layouts and any appealing makeover. The only play is the variety of things available in this store. Qoo10 eCommerce company is very popular in Singapore.

You can find anything here ranging from electronics to pet supplies and this is the beauty the store is known for. This site gives you various filter and sort options among all the eCommerce websites.

The regularly organized timely promotions and discounts work well for customers who return to shop from, their favourite site.

2. Lazada


One of the biggest eCommerce firms in the world has raised US$686 million in total disclosed funding to date. Another place that provides, variety of items on the selling shelf.

The list includes electronics, fashion, and appliances. You even get to pick your choicest wines and spirits! The beauty of supplying variety has been catered well in this one.

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One of the best-doing sites in the eCommerce world is not behind in this checklist. eBay is very famous among all the eCommerce websites. This ranks among the best C2C eCommerce sites in Singapore.

The past two decades have been really well for this site. What is new with this one? The possibility of reaching out to global sellers has brought amazing change to the market. This brings online buyers, the feasibility of accessing the sellers’ global market.

4. Zalora


Launched just three years ago, this has been doing tremendously in its ability to spread to over 20 markets. This is recognized better by the shoppers on the street. This one has announced an amount of $238 million in its funding so far. This eCommerce company provides you two options. You can shop via its website or via using its mobile app.

Their independent marketplace launched last year helps to enable the selling of products on the platform. They top their services with the cherry of blog content catering to the needs of beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and tips.

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5. Carousell


Carousell eCommerce company is related to technology. Occupying a significant percentage of the market, this Singaporean start-up behaves like eBay of the US. Selling, buying, and listing are made straightforward with this mobile-first C2C marketplace.

This has made tremendous achievements in the past few years. Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, and China have become their major markets.

It has successfully interested investors like 500 Startups, Rakuten Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Darius Cheung, and Golden Gate Ventures

6. RedMart


With this, you can order your home groceries and essentials anytime and anywhere. Talking about logistics and delivery, this provides you with the option to deliver goods to your home within a chosen two-hour time slot on any particular day.

It’s wise marketing plan “Shop as you are” has made it possible for Singaporeans to understand, grocery shopping can easily become an element of their busy lifestyle. Founded in November r2016, this one has come a long way!

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7. Reebonz

reebonz ecommerce site

Looking for luxury bags, accessories, watches, jewellery, and shoes? Reebonz eCommerce company is a good place to find a match of your desire with the right stuff. You can find both preowned and new stuff.

With its 100,000 products, Reebonz has successfully made a larger group with 4.5 million members.

Its app is a helpful tool to connect sellers and buyers. Thus, building a greater helpful platform.

8. Shopback

Shopback ecommerce site

Shopback isn’t an e-commerce site itself but rather an e-commerce-like service. This means you are not only shopping on this platform but you are also earning money on every purchase. This is made possible with its reward program.

It aggregates deals from places like Zalora, Redmart, Taobao, etc. Thus you have a double reason to shop from this one! Accel-X and East Ventures have been its funding partners since March 2015, since its start, which was in Singapore in 2014.

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9. HipVan

HipVan Ecommerce site

HipVan is pretty ambitious about conquering Singapore’s home market. Designer furniture and lifestyle products are its main commodities.

Are you facing problems with limited furnishing options, high retail mark-ups, and low-quality products? HipVan eCommerce company is determined to help you on these grounds.

With their flagship store setups, they bring enough options in the house, to help their customers choose easily from the various options.

With a concluding thought of bringing all the best eCommerce websites in this post, we believe you have enough reason and facts to calculate where to list your products. When you want to buy anything you should choose the right eCommerce company.

Are you finding it difficult to decide which platform to start with? Willing to take some help that would boost your sales and business growth? There are so many eCommerce sites but these are some useful sites. A little technical and business insight will be helpful to start with a new phase. Being a business owner, think of investments that would help you reap a good ROI.

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Still, confused about taking technical help? We tell you why you should take some technical help:

  • Starting right

Starting from zero is good. It is best when we start right even when we start from zero. Think with us. What would you prefer, starting right and reaping benefits from the beginning? Or making changes in between after missing out on the possible chunk of business?

  • To stand amidst tough competition

ECommerce websites face tough competition. ECommerce sites help people in buying products. If we don’t get geared in the right manner, we might lose our possible clients. To plan a better strategy to remain in the competition, we cannot simply try anything and think of it to work out towards our best. Planning is an essential part of achieving better results.

Making this planning happen in the presence of business experts, analysts and technically experienced personals are helpful.

  • You can focus on what you do best

Do you like to paint? Or do you like to write? With so much work to be done, it is nearly impossible to enjoy life at its best rhythm. But it is certainly possible when we get experts in our team who are experts in what they need to do. When the experts help you, you can invest your time in what you are best doing it.

It might be anything like painting or writing or even starting a new venture related to your hobby or interest. This would add satisfaction to your routine and life. With satisfaction, you will find more optimism hitting your life thus bringing out more in all of your businesses.

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  • An experienced technical insight would supplement your business ideas

It is not necessary to be a technical or a business analyst right from birth. This is the reason why we depend on hiring talents that have got what we need for our business. Even after having a list of all the best online shopping sites in Singapore, you need help to pick the ones that would suit your business model.

Never to deny, opportunities and possibilities are endless, only if we never tend to settle for simply anything!

This is not about picking the best shopping website but about picking the one that would help your business the best way.

With all these top eCommerce websites in Singapore, what else do you need to work towards the best? You might want to have a marketing team, a sales pitcher, and a technical department to work on your project.

And it is okay to not know everything and start taking help from eCommerce sites development experts when we don’t know much about the process.

It holds so much of truth, alone you can go fast but together you can go far!