In today’s date, everyone is on the internet, and so are your consumers. By the internet, we do not mean social media; they are genuinely using the Search Engines to help them find almost everything, especially the Big Daddy, also known as “The Google”.

This means that regardless of what your business offers to the audience, your target audience is looking for your products/services on search engines.

Mainly talking about eCommerce business then, there are a lot of sharks just like yours who find new ways to attract the fish on the market, and if you want to attract them to your online store, then your website will be search engine friendly. 

Any digital marketing expert knows that a search engine algorithm is not static as it permanently keeps on changing. That’s why it is essential to make your ecommerce design Singapore visually stunning, which offers a better design for the users.

Yes, you may connect it with SEO which basically helps you with the Search Engine Optimization, but it focuses on different aspects apart from the website.

But website design that caters for your customers most engagingly and efficiently is the most crucial aspect you need to work on constantly. So, in simpler terms, you have to make your online store search engine friendly before you embark on your SEO adventure. 

How to Make any eCommerce Web Design Solution Search Engine Friendly?

Now that you have the idea of making your website search engine friendly let us figure out the different ways to make it easy for search engine crawlers to assess your eCommerce website. 

1. Dedicated and Specific Title and Descriptions for all Pages

Being an online store can be a daunting and time-consuming task, but all pages must have their meta titles and descriptions to have an SEO-friendly website. You may already know, but the titles usually range between 50-60 characters, and the descriptions can go up to 160 characters.

You need to be subtle with the title and description as you need to tell visitors what the webpage is all about with precision. 

2. Fast Loading Webpages

We all use the internet for various purposes, and no one wants to open a webpage that is too slow to load. To make your ecommerce web design Singapore SEO friendly, you must ensure the loading speeds of your webpages are quick enough that it doesn’t annoy your visitors.

According to the experts, steps like image and video optimization, accurate product description and others can help you increase the page loading speed. Making these changes can give your online store an advantage over others and help you rank on SERPs. 

3. Clean URL Structure

You may have noticed that it is long and challenging to comprehend web pages somewhere. Now think about what image it would form when sharing the uncluttered URL structure with your users.

Moreover, the URL of your web pages must be clean and follow the best practices for search engine indexing. The best practice includes using lower case, descriptive, and possibly containing KWs for better visibility. 

4. Creating Proper Content Structure

In order to ensure that your website has a proper content structure, you need first to index the website as it is necessary to focus on elements including header, H1 tag, page title, footer, sharing options, and content with subheadings, author bio/information. 

5. Responsive Website

With more than 5 billion smartphones worldwide, smartphones have become the new gold to attain later.

Your website’s pages should be responsive on any device visited. Connect with the eCommerce website design company that can create a responsive website design that fits any type of device for your online store. 

6. Optimised Images

As an ecommerce online store, this is one of the significant aspects you need to work on. It will give your online store superb search engine friendliness.

So you must ensure that your images are optimised and add alt text for the search engines crawlers to comprehend what the image is about. 

7. Internal Linking 

Internal linking helps create a well-rounded map of your website for search engine crawlers to crawl better.

You let the crawlers connect with the relevant web pages and create a solid internal architecture with internal linking, and it boosts your website’s SEO friendliness. 

Benefits of ecommerce web design solution being search engine friendly

Now that you know how to make a website search engine friendly let us look at some benefits of making your ecommerce website design Singapore SEO friendly. 

1. Increases Organic Traffic

Probably the most significant advantage of having an SEO-friendly website is that it generates more organic traffic. Your web pages will rank highest on the SERPs, and these top ranking results on dedicated pages give you a plethora of organic traffic. Something that every business craves. 

2. Increases Your Brand Credibility

As soon as your website becomes search engine friendly, your web pages start to rank on the first pages of SERPs. You may not understand it, but it’s the most remarkable achievement that makes everyone likely to trust your online store rather than others in the market. It increases the brand credibility, not only in the eyes of the users but also in front of the search engine. 

3. Improves User Experience 

If you read the above section carefully, all the steps to make your eCommerce website search engine friendly will increase the user experience and make it more refined. Implementing SEO practices on your website will make the user journey seamless and attractive at the same time. 

4. Cost-Effective

A search engine friendly website works 24X7 in your favour. That means you won’t need to spend much money on paid advertising and other marketing methods. 

Possible disadvantages of eCommerce design solution being search engine friendly

1. Search Engine Friendly Can be Slow in Showing Results

The most identifiable downside of making your website search engine friendly is that it can take time to show desired outcomes from each of your endeavours. And if you are looking for instant results or quick outcomes, you should look at something else.

2. You Need to Wait to Get ROI

As mentioned, it requires a long time to see concrete results from your ecommerce web design Singapore endeavours. The added disadvantage is that it requires a long investment to accomplish a decent Return on Investment. As an independent company and a startup that needs generous incomes in the short term, this can not be easy to run a business. 

3. Website Design Needs to Be Updated From Time to Time To Match the Algorithm

As Aforementioned, algorithms are static, and search engines like Google are always unpredictable with their updates. You may work tirelessly with your ecommerce design Singapore and get ranked on search rankings, but it can be ruined overnight with the algorithm change.

And it can be heart-breaking as you need to work again on the website design with significant investment. 

Possible loopholes in the process

  • Return on Investment ROI Takes Longer Time to Generate Results
  • You Are At the Mercy and Controlled by an Algorithm
  • Getting Results with Search Engine Friendliness Can Take a Long Time
  • Actions can be Penalised
  • Requires Significant Invest to Remain Competitive

What to Do When You Do Not Have a Search Engine Friendly Ecommerce Web Design?

Running a business is tricky these days, and when you have no idea how to make your website search engine friendly, the first thing you need is the assistance of experts from the top website design company in Singapore. Moreover, there are a few things that you can constantly update from your end. Without further ado, let us jump right into it. 

1. Catchy and Informative Product Description

The product description is the essential aspect of an online store or an ecommerce business, and you can perform the same even without the help of any outside assistance. We suggest that we go for a compact description which consists of vital information like features and specifications. Moreover, having optimised images that show the product clearly should also be a priority. 

2. Fresh, Informative and updated Contents

“Content is King”, you have heard many times, but it’s valid to every extent. With the best quality content, you can find a new way to connect with your audience. So focus on fresh and resourceful content for every page on your website. 

3. Easy Navigation

Easy navigation is probably another aspect you can focus on yourself for search engine friendliness. For instance, If the page takes more than 2 seconds to load, your audience will find someone else. 

Debunking 3 Myths of Ecommerce Search Engine Friendly Website Design Solution

Myth 1: Search Friendly and User Friendly Are The Same Things 

A myth, search engine friendliness and user-friendliness are two different things. For instance, search engine friendliness works around to make websites sufficient to crawl and index. On the other hand, user-friendliness works to make navigation and design better for the visitors. 

Myth 2: Search friendly Means All Navigation is Formatted as Text Links

Navigation is about enabling task completion. Moreover, image and graphic navigation can help your visitors complete tasks that are more important than simply trying to appeal to search engines. 

Myth 3: Search friendly sites are text-heavy and ugly

Probably one of the greatest myths among ecommerce stores is that they believe that search engine friendly are text-heavy and ugly at the same time. But it’s wrong as the eCommerce website design company can help you get an aesthetic design that can significantly improve the user experience of your users. 

Some stunning examples to support the cause!

1. Use of word commerce itself is a good catch to show the mindfulness of right words matter!

Their SEO stats are pretty impressive!

2. Again the right use of Shopify word ( Having shop word within) is a good catch and the play with amazing pictures and good fonts is a good art work of SEO done right!

Have a look of their SEO stats! Even though they have no links yet their well-placed website is helping them to be on the top of the charts!

3. Do you have an idea and want it to be helpful for people? Just put up a helpful website for the people.

You might not sell anything after immediate update of the website, but you would surely sell and have better insights, once the website does good!


Have a look of SEO stats, they are needing to be good because of the better appeal of their website. Moreover crisp and insightful information is another better aspect of making your SEO tactics better.

Is this the same you have been thinking of? Don’t hesitate to go ahead in this direction! It will pay off really well!

4. Groove Commerce’s plain and eye appealing design adds wonders to the table that adds up to the SEO campaign. Their SEO stats bring clarity to the table and speak for their high performance!

Have a look of their SEO Stats!

Summing Up 

Search Engine Friendly is probably the most prominent aspect in 2022 that most businesses, including eCommerce online stores, ignore often. We understand it takes intrinsic knowledge and understanding of ecommerce website design in Singapore. That is why there are eCommerce website design companies in Singapore that can help you tackle the major problems.

The experts make sure your website is search engine friendly through their website design methodology and can make your online store’s position strong in the market. 

What is it that has been keeping you from accessing full SEO potential in your campaign?

What doubts have you been facing lately?

ICore Singapore Team can bring the right insights on the table and can help you take right step towards a better ecommerce website!