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ICore's Story

Let us tell you a story. This story is about ICore's Journey. How our crisis became our opportunity! Our Team has lived, witnessed, and still believes this slogan! Here is the reason why! Firstly we started as helpless, confused, and on the run for an Up to the Mark Internet Services. However, not to miss we failed every single time. We are not saying we never met any Internet services provider.

But, just that, they were not what our souls "Craving for Right Internet Solutions" could find solace at. After numerous repeated cycles of hire>work> re-hire, frustrated but not discouraged, we started thinking on some new levels. After much market research and piling all the reviews, in 2002, we thought becoming a resource of the greatest need of IT market is the only way of having our way.

To our surprise, we understood a Reliable and Sound IT agency was the need of the Town and not just us!
It has been an exciting journey since then! Life started to seem less frustrated. Rather it was filled with Client appointments and routines revolving around crafting Simple yet Elegant and Business Driving IT Solutions! Though, 2002 witnessed us thinking on a bigger note. 2010 actually helped us witness our Crisis as an opportunity to do something bigger. Since then, never looking back, we have been running our race.

What does Our Race Include?

  • Providing Be-Spoke IT Solutions to our clientele across the World.
  • Our main working hub spans over Australia, the USA, the UK, India, and UAE.
  • Continuously Striving to be Better than the Best at what Our Team has been Best at!
  • Keep this Adrenaline Rush of Creativity, Innovativeness, and Exploration alive!
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