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Get instinctive, user-friendly, and cooperating Fantasy sports websites along with mobile apps with our excellent fantasy sports app development services. At, we use years of technical and professional experience in creating incomparable fantasy sports websites and mobile applications for enthusiasts, sports businesses, and professionals leagues.

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Fantasy Sports App Development Services

We vaunt a committed and highly experienced fantasy sports app development team that is expert in developing bespoke sports websites and applications customized to exact specifications of our clients. Our inclusive suite of fantasy sports services make sure of unparalleled and immersive user experiences. In addition, our provision and maintenance services make sure that your sports applications and websites remain bug-free and updated. Some of the key offerings from our fantasy app development company are mentioned below

Fantasy Sports Web App Development
Fantasy Sports Web App Development
Our Company has a rich history of offering a number of customized webs apps across several industry verticals. We specializes in developing customized, dynamic, immersive and responsive Fantasy sports web app development solutions as we are renowned globally as most professional and reliable company.
Fantasy Sports Mobile App Development
Fantasy Sports Mobile App Development
Are you looking forward for launching a fantasy sports mobile app? Our high-qulaity and intensive services of sports mobile app development make sure of creation of cross-platform and native applications that are ot only fast and reactive but also has features to attract a wider user base to your own business.
Fantasy Scoring System Development
Fantasy Scoring System Development
A robust scoring system is very important for interesting game experience. Our skilled team designs various kinds of fantasy scoring systems to maintain engagement of users and competitive spirit throughout whole gameplay.
Social Fantasy Sports App Development
Social Fantasy Sports App Development
Along with mobile and web apps, we excels in creating social fantasy sports apps. These platforms link businesses, sports enthusiast and brands in a combined social networking community that raises interaction and engagement among fans and users alike.
Fantasy Analytics Development
Fantasy Analytics Development
At, we create tailor-made, in-depth and arithmetical fantasy analytics software that you can utilize to show real-time data of players and team along with precise game statistics. We keep track of each and everything in one engaging and easy-to-use systematic software resolution for your fantasy sports.
Fantasy Sports AR Development
Fantasy Sports AR Development
As a leading company specializing in fantasy sports app development, we stay at the front of technological progressions, involving Augmented Reality (AR). Our professionals permit us to flawlessly assimilate AR into your sports app, improving user involvement particularly. In addition, we design modified Fantasy sports AR solutions customized to your particular requirements and make sure of personalized and innovative experiences for your users.

Improved Features for Fantasy Sports App Development

Experience a huge array of advanced and basic features customized to your online solutions by means of fantasy sports app development services. Our expert team is fully committed to develop high caliber solutions that could be easily customized and scaled to meet your particular specifications. Explore our huge range of features that are designed to improve your fantasy sports apps, involving interactive user interfaces, real-time data updates, flawless integration with social media platforms and robust admin dashboards.

User Login and Signup:
Facilitate flawless access and one click options of login like Facebook and Google, along with traditional signup methods through phone number and email. Make sure of robust protection measures with a secure verification process to defense user accounts.
Paid and Practice Contests:
Provide practice contests with dummy credits to assist users to enhance their users. Propose a flawless transition to paid competition with cash. We clearly communicate the entry fees as well as rules of each competition.
Live Score and Updates:
Assimilate real-time availability to live match scores, complemented by expert advice, team selection insights and match previews for an augmented user experience. Make sure of rapid updates during live matched to keep all users involved.
Multiple Payment Methods:
We assist a number of payment options like as digital wallets, credit/debit cards and other famous payment gateways. We make sure of encrypted and secure transactions to secure financial data of user.
Private Contest:
Our platform permit users to develop private groups customized for playing with family friends or particular groups of their choosing. You have a full control over who can join your contests with our vigorous privacy settings. This makes sure of a customized and protected gaming experience in which you can join competitions with your desirable circles of players.
Invite & Earn:
We have introduced a referral program which is designed to incentivize all users to invite their friends. Through participating, both the new user and referrer acquire rewards upon successful participation and sign-up. This motivates a lively community in which everyone gets advantage from sharing and joining our platform.

Kingdom of Champions Unveiling the Sports
we Serve at

Let’s step into the Kingdom of Champions at in which you cater to fantasy buffs with a huge range of sports solutions. Whether you are into basketball, football, kabaddi or more, our app will keep you involved with all real-time updates, immersive experiences and interactive gameplay which are designed for every fantasy sports enthusiasts.

Fantasy Football

Our Fantasy Football App development services mainly aim to revitalize enthusiasm among all Football fans. Participants are able to draft players across a number of positions like forwards, defenders, goalkeepers and midfielders by using agreed credits. Create your own team, compete and also stand a chance to win some exiting prizes.

Fantasy Kabaddi

Explore the thrill of Fantasy Kabaddi at icore. sg. Create your team of skilled defenders and raiders, strategize selections of players and acquire points rely on their on-field performances. Stay updated with the live scores and contest against other aficionados for rewards. Dive into the realm of kabaddi like you have never before with our immersive fantasy sports platform.

Fantasy Hockey

Explore the ultimate Fantasy hockey experience with app development service of icore. sg. Involve fans with real-time player stats, personalized leagues as well as interactive drafting tools. Assimilate social sharing aspects and in-depth examination for a competitive advantage. Join the league at for the best app development solutions of hockey.

Inclusive Fantasy Sports App Development Services

Our highly experienced and dedicated fantasy app development team at specializes in fantasy sports app development tailored to meet your specific needs. We provide a wide range of fantasy sports app development services structured to offer supreme and immersive experiences for users. From conceptualization to craft and development, we ensure that each aspect of your fantasy sports platform development is precisely implemented. Our services include responsive web design, custom app development, and feature-rich functionality such as real-time updates, live scoring, and advanced analytics. We also offer 24/7 support and maintenance services to ensure your fantasy sports websites and applications run smoothly and bug-free. is your trusted fantasy sports web and app Development Company for offering cutting-edge solutions that engage fans and drive success in the competitive sports arena.


Lift Your Game with Convention Fantasy Cricket App Development

Embark on an exciting journey into the biosphere of fantasy sports with’s custom fantasy cricket app development services. Our company as a revolutionary force in the industry will equip you with tools to lead the market of fantasy sports app. Our creative solutions and advanced technology help us to create a personalized platform that enhances your strategic abilities. Let’s join us in this exciting journey in which you can show your leadership skills and make a particular mark in the fantasy sports platform development field. Collaborate with and take your game to unparalleled levels of accomplishment.

Transmute Your Experience with an App Like DraftKings

Let’s step into the significant Champions League of fantasy sports with our state of art Fantasy Sports App, similar to famous DraftKings. Submerge yourself in the kingdom of strategic decisions, virtual triumphs and electrifying contests. Show your sports knowledge, challenge opponents and delight the excitement of fantasy sports at its best. This is your chance to lead the area like never before. Please join us and improve your experience of fantasy sports experience to new elevations of success and excitement.

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Experience Fineness with an App Like FanDuel

Hello all sports buffs! Let us prepare you for a frightening journey into the kingdom of fantasy sports. Our radical fantasy sports app which is inspired by mythical FanDuel, open doors to boundless excitement, powerful competition and supreme rewards. It’s the time to explode your passion for sports and board on a memorable adventure. Let the game initiate.

Board on Fantasy Sports Excellence with an App Like Dream11

Board on an exciting voyage into the world of fantasy sports with our excellent Fantasy sports app, stimulated by Dream 11 along with other sports fandoms. Relish a delightful experience created for sports fans. Develop your ultimate team, savor the excitement of virtual victories and challenge your friends. This is your chance to dump into thrill of fantasy sports. So start now and lease your competitive spirit shine.


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Frequently Asked Question about Fantasy App Development by Clients

1. How to create a fantasy sports app?

In order to create a fantasy sports app, it is important to start with defining rules and concepts. Select the correct development approach and incorporate real time feeds for player stats and scores. Structure an instinctive user interface with aspects like player selection, team development and leagues. Apply secure payment gateways and make sure of legal compliance. Test methodically for security and performance before launching. User feedback and persistent updates are important for improving user experience and functionality of app.

2. How does Fantasy app actually work?

Fantasy app permits users to develop teams using real-life athletes. Users mainly manage their teams relying on real game performances of athletes. They monitor player stats to enhance their performance of team in gameplay rules. Points are mostly awarded relying on the ways athletes perform in real matches, determining rankings of users in contest or rankings.

3. Which is the preeminent fantasy sports app development company? is known as most reliable and professionals Fantasy sports app Development Company across the globe. We can create customized, dynamic, immersive and responsive Fantasy sports web development solutions.

4. What are the main features to consider while creating a fantasy sports app?

Key features involve intuitive user interfaces, multiple sport options, real time updates for stats and sore, vigorous player selection, secure payment gateways and 24/7 customer sport. These all elements make sure of seamless and engaging experience that drives user satisfaction as well as maintenance in fantasy sports app.