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eCommerce Development Services

ICore Pte Ltd are primed to empower your business with intelligent, advanced ecommerce development services in singapore. We care for your better growth and bottom lines. We knows how fierce the raging competition in the field is. We create immersive ecommerce solutions for a matchless user-experience. ICore act as a robust ecommerce website development company . You can hire ecommerce developers and specialists from us for your ecommerce website development in singapore.

Leveraging possibilities and opportunities brought about by the latest ecommerce development technologies. We will give your business the power to grow, sell more, and satisfy users. At ICore, we offer the most effective ecommerce web development services to our clients. No matter what their operational niches are. Intelligently conceived and realized, the ecommerce web development services that we offer cater to the exact needs of our clients. We create powerful and intuitive ecommerce solutions. We help clients realize ideas that they can use to solve diverse pain points of users from all walks of life. So what are you waiting for? Hire ecommerce developers from us today! Talk to our specialist now!

Robust, Intuitive, Immersive Ecommerce Web Development Company . Like No Other

Regardless of the size of our client's business operations, we are on a mission to weave ecommerce business solutions that bring quantifiable results. Centered on the users to create engaging shopping experiences, our solutions will foster business growth like never before. No matter what type of business you are and the kind of technology you want to leverage, we have got everything, right here with us. Our eCommerce web development company are all conceived to help you bring your vision alive. You can hire ecommerce developers for your business from us. Talk to an expert now!

Choose our ecommerce web development services for your online business!

During our professional journey over the last few years, we have understood that clients require bespoke service offerings when it comes to ecommerce development services in singapore. However, our services are not confined to developing an ecommerce site for you, we also offer all the support that you need to make your creative visions a reality.

We are more than equipped with the right technologies and strategic capabilities to render the most creative and robust ecommerce services that our clients need. We always go the extra mile to make sure that the clients are rendered with technology-driven services that also prepare them for the future.

















Our eCommerce Development Process

As a client-centric ecommerce development company in singapore, we know that there must be a streamlined process to render every project value-adding to the client. Hence, we have realized a unique process that helps us do that.

The Maiden Phase –Brainstorming

  • Learning about the clients’ development vision
  • Formulating an effective development strategy
  • Finalizing various short and long-term goals
  • Constituting an effective, skilled project team

The Middle Phase—Implementation

  • Bring together the required resources for project
  • Creating the back-end and front-end capabilities
  • Tweak the site as per quality terms agreed upon
  • Test the performance and finalize the website
  • Test the ad performance for improvement

The Final Phase—Support

  • Learn about the effectiveness of the website
  • Keep updating the site for better performance
  • Gather user-experience data from the site
  • Create effective updates as per UX data of the site

Our eCommerce Development Service Forte

Being a fully committed, client-centric ecommerce development service provider, we know that no two clients are identical. We also know that their end goals are different, as well. Therefore, we always strive to offer bespoke solutions for our clients that can directly address their concerns perfectly. This is exactly why we work extensively on six-sigma and lean concepts. Our focus is on delivering exceptional results in less time.

Magento Development Services

  • Magento store development
  • Magento 1-2 transition
  • Magento extension development
  • Magento theme development

Opencart Development

  • Custom Opencart storefront
  • Opencart theme development
  • Opencart extension development
  • Opencart migration and transition

Shopify Development

  • Custom Shopify storefront
  • Shopify transition and migration
  • Shopify extension development
  • Shopify theme development

BigCommerce Development

  • BigCommerce extension 
  • BigCommerce custom storefront
  • BigCommerce theme 
  • BigCommerce migration

Why Choose Our eCommerce Development Services?

It is our conviction to render services just as our clients want. This makes us unique from numerous ecommerce development companies that you may see online today. No matter what you aspire to build under ecommerce business. We have got the support you need. Apart from our dedication, the following value-adding traits make us what we are. We are a result-driven ecommerce development agency in singapore. 

Matchless Industry Expertise

We have 10+ years in the industry. We know everything you need to develop a client-centric ecommerce site for revenue and customer satisfaction. If you hire an ecommerce specialist from us, you are bound not to fail. 

Impeccable QA Interventions

In our constant endeavors to render the best ecommerce sites, we use extensive quality assurance systems and techniques with each project. Our QA testing is impeccable and with multiple checkpoints, we deliver a flawless projects. 

Technology Infrastructure

Our ecommerce website development module leverage cutting-edge technologies and development philosophies. This ensures to deliver the most effective ecommerce solutions for our clients.

Bespoke Service Offerings

We study the singular needs and pain points of the clients. We create tailor-made service offerings that bring more value to them than anyone else. eCommerce website development needs to be flawless, let us help you. 

Top-Notch Solutions; Economic

We are a client-first business ecommerce development agency. We always have made it a point to render all our development services economic and affordable at all times.

Technical Help, Round-the-Clock

Every client needs technical help during and after the project. Our skilled team of experts is always ready to render all the help our clients need.

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