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ICoredesign exceptionally creative and functional websites that can offer impeccable user experience to your visitors like never before. With responsive and mobile-friendly designs, the designs that we come up with will render across multiple platforms for intuitive technology-human interactions.

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Our website design company in singapore ensure that you can provide your users with matchless user experience that helps convert them from mere visitors to paying customers.

With our experience that spans over 10+ years, we understand what our clients need when they approach us with their requirements for web designing. Leveraging latest design tools and adhering to artistic philosophies, we go for futuristic designs that help the customers effectively solve the challenges of today while preparing for the ones in the future. This is what makes ICore, one of the best website design company in Singapore, now.

We know that the success of a web design in singapore is when it is able to engage the users and convert them from visit to paint customers. The ultimate aim of our web design services is to persuade your visitors to spend more time on your website and take buying decisions in your favour. In our efforts to do so, we bring the following service offerings to you:

Our Web Design Service Forte

Custom Web Designing Services
Dynamic web designing Minimalist web design Single page web design Flat web design
<span class="mil-accent">E-Commerce Web Designing
E-Commerce Web Designing
Magento designing BigCommerce designing Shopify designing Custom e-commerce designing
<span class="mil-accent">Corporate Web Designing
Corporate Web Designing
Magazine website designing Landing page designing Portfolio web designing Business blog designing
<span class="mil-accent">Web App Designing
Web App Designing
CMS designingservices Dynamic web app designing Static web app designing Web portal designing
Website Design

Designs that Power Your Business, Always

We understand that our customers require different and unique services depending on their unique positioning in the markets. Therefore we have created a plethora of web design service offerings that help the clients grab all the support they need no matter what their requirements are. It is our client centric approach that helps us keep our clients delighted with each project.

Web Application Designing

ECommerce Web Design

Corporate Web Designing

Custom Web Designing


Web Design Tools Stack

Adobe XD
Coral Draw
iCore has been on the forefront of providing client-specific web design services to all our clients no matter what their business functions are. When we craft designs to help our clients for varied websites, we take into consideration the singular industry that they work at to ensure that the client gets the results that they want. In order to do that, ICore creates design strategies and service offerings that combine our capability in the field with the requirements of our clients. As a result, we always meet the expectations of our patrons when it comes to responsive web designs UI UX design, graphics design and help realize their comprehensive design visions in various business verticals as:

Web Designing Services
Whatever You Do

Our Unique Web Design
We know that a website is the digital identity of a business and it must have design elements that turn eyes while making user-experience the primary milieu. Keeping this in mind, we have formulated an effective design process that keeps all these in mind:
The Middle Phase—Implementation
Bring all the required design resources Design the website as per client’s vision Conversion of the design for render Assess the design’s performance The Final Phase—Support Ensure that the design works well Tweak the design for better performance Review to find any glitches in the design Create reports and analyses to the client
Talk To Experts
Our Unique Web Design
The Maiden Phase –Brainstorming
As a client-centric ecommerce development company in singapore, we know that there must be a streamlined process to render every project value-adding to the client. Hence, we have realized a unique process that helps us do that. Brainstorming
Learning about the clients’ development vision Formulating an effective development strategy Finalizing various short and long-term goals Constituting an effective, skilled project team
Bring together the required resources for project Creating the back-end and front-end capabilities Tweak the site as per quality terms agreed upon Test the performance and finalize the website Test the ad performance for improvement Final Delivery & Support Learn about the effectiveness of the website Keep updating the site for better performance Gather user-experience data from the site Create effective updates as per UX data of the site
Hire UI / UX Designers
The Maiden Phase –Brainstorming

Why Choose Our Web Design Agency

Extensive Industry Expertise
We are proud of the 10+ years that we worked hard to serve each of our clients. The insights and exposure we gained help us in every project immensely.
Quality Triumphs
The defining element of each project we execute is quality and we have constituted various quality assessment techniques to render top-notch quality.
Technology-driven Infrastructure
Being a technology-driven company, we always utilize a plethora of latest technologies and tools to render the best design solutions to our clients.
Bespoke Design Solutions
As we cater to unique web design requirements of our clients, we always render them with tailor-made design solutions just as they need.
EngagingSolutions, Economic
While we keep the creativity and quality of the services uncompromised, we use a cost-effective approach with our service rates.
Technical Team, 24×7 Ready
In our efforts to ensure the satisfaction of our clients, we have established a trained team of professionals ready to support them 24×7.

Frequently Asked Question about Web Design Services by Clients

We offer tailor-made solutions for website design, providing a powerful and easy-to-use solution. With our tools, you can streamline your web design process.

What is website design in Singapore?
Website design in Singapore, particularly when handled by experts like iCore SG, involves the process of creating visually appealing, user-friendly, and effective websites for businesses and individuals. It encompasses layout, graphics, and functionality to deliver exceptional online experiences.
How do I choose iCore SG as my website design company in Singapore?

Selecting iCore SG as your website design company in Singapore is a wise choice. To get started, review our portfolio, consider our extensive experience, read client reviews, and explore our competitive pricing. We offer a range of services tailored to your needs and goals.

What is the role of iCore SG as a web design agency in Singapore
iCore SG, as a leading web design agency in Singapore, specializes in creating and optimizing websites for businesses. Our expertise encompasses layout design, user experience enhancement, and ensuring responsive, cross-device functionality for your website.
Why is iCore SG considered the best web design company in Singapore?
iCore SG has earned a reputation as one of the best web design companies in Singapore due to our exceptional track record, glowing client testimonials, and the consistently high quality of our work. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding results for your web design needs.
What services does iCore SG offer as a website developer in Singapore
iCore SG offers a comprehensive suite of services as a website developer in Singapore. Our services include website design, development, e-commerce solutions, CMS integration, and ongoing website maintenance and support, ensuring your online presence is top-notch.


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