UI vs. UX Design is the prominent thing for any or app. Do you want to know how? What do you see the first? Do you notice what the app does? Or do you notice what the app looks like?

Bingo! You notice how the apps or applications look! Right? This is the effect of the UI or User interface. And when we talk about how you feel while using the application, we are talking about user experience or UX. With a surficial introduction to the terms, we hope, you now know what UI and UX are actually. In case, if you are still confused and conflated with the terms? Let us dig deeper!

UI or user interface is everything that includes buttons users click on, the text they read, text entry fields, the sliders, images, sliders, and all the rest of the items the user interacts with. Talking about UX, it is everything that concerns how an app or application is behaving. Is it easy to use and provides quite smooth shifts? Is it confusing or it brings intuitive vibes? Does the app/application allow easy navigation that would make users feel relaxed?

Are the users feeling accomplished in the task after using the app? Answers to all these questions would help in knowing, whether the app user experience is up to the mark or not?

What is the difference between UI & UX?

User Interface User Experience
Graphical layout of an application. User’s interaction with an application.
Includes screen layouts, transitions, animations, and every micro-interaction. Includes application interaction and task accomplishment.
Any detail that brings the look of the application to the table. Any detail that adds to the application’s working and interaction.
The more common and relative terms would be the design and the feel of the app. The more common and relative term would be working and use of the app.


The following paragraphs would be dealing more with the use of both User Interface and User Experience. Head on here to know more about cost calculation for user interface and user experience agency.

Ever come across any UX designer or a UI designer? What do they do? The titles are fancy no doubt. But the work happens with sweat and stuff, no doubt in that as well.

Let’s take a sneak peek into what user interface or a user experience designer usually does:

1. Brainstorming

Carving out the best design and hitting bullseye the right way is not easy. But hey, we didn’t say, it’s impossible. With a little brainstorming and a whole lot of sweat, we make sure things are working right.

2. Bringing a parallel between design and concept

Design and the concept should flow well and match with each other. In a way, things should be complementing each other well, to bring the best of stuff on the table.

A well-supported concept with a well-done design and functionality brings amazing responses!

3. Running some checks

By the time designing and planning completes, everybody else needs to understand the theme and the concept. Thus running few checks and knowing about others’ perspectives is a necessary thing to do. UI/UX designers rely on others for feedback too! 

4. Adjusting as per the results

Feedbacks are the best thing, as our lighthouse, in the middle of a designing task. The next step should be adjusting as per the results and then finalizing many options for the clients.

But the question remains unchanged if I learn UX/UI skills, what value would I add? The reply to the above dilemma is, would you like a quick and efficient response to your actions? Software and technology are all about how a user finds it while using.

The best use of user interface along with a well clubbed user experience strategy is to make users feel at ease. These two serve as the starters for the complete course of features and functionalities available in the app. Thus when starters win the ground in the starting, it is easy for features and functionalities to keep soaring till the end!

Keep investing in learning all those UI/UX tools because the value you would add to any application is amazing! Here are cool Top UX/UI design agencies in Singapore that are easy to vibe with?