Looking for the best UI/UX design company in Singapore? In other words, you are looking for compelling designs, worth scrolling through websites, and an intuitive user interface generating website experience!

Did we mention too much or do the words describe your needs, just the best?

Are your authorities asking you to look for companies to help with UI/UX projects? And actually, you are wondering what is UI/UX? Well, we believe the link would be helpful for you.

Apart from helping you to know about UI/UX, we have a list to help you with Top UI/UX Design Agencies in and around Singapore.

1. Codigo

UI/UX design

Tune in and set your deals right with this Award-winning mobile application developer. Based in Singapore, their zealous team is a good option to invest in.

Forte: Web Development, Mobile App iOS/Android Development Services

2. iCore Singapore

UI/Ux design

An experienced and efficient team makes sure the monotonous routine is kept off while creativity is brought in their designing efforts.

This UI/UX design company provides out-of-the-box solutions that would hit the market with a creativity storm. Contact the technology geeks of this hub.

Forte: Web Development Services, iOS Development, and Mobile Development

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3. JIN Design LLP

UI/Ux design

Playing with User experience and user interface since 2015, the team excels in its domain. With the team hailing from Singapore, the focus is to provide a seamless user experience and interface designs for web and mobile.

Contact the team for your needs related to product strategy, Artistic outlook in the projects, Product design, User needs discovery, and Graphic design, etc. Their power is in using UI/UX tools to craft human satisfying technologies and designs.

Forte: Web Design & Maintenance, Mobile & Web Application, Graphics, and Animation Design

4. Tigerspike

UI design company

Team knits all their projects around five core values: Transparency, Resilience, Problem-solving, Energy, and Curiosity. Their nature to be curious makes them explore and play more with designs.

Looking for out-of-the-box solutions? Tigerspike’s incline to change lives using technology is a good option to try for!

The team works for the best while keeping strategy, experience design, software development, and systems integration in the center.

Forte: Web Development, Systems Integration, and Digital Consultancy

5. Innocellence Systems

Innocellence Systems

A leader and innovator in the digital systems with the headquarters based in Singapore, with its two other office branches in China and Japan. The team delight in the adaptability and skillset that comes from R&D, digital design & technology, and project management backgrounds.

Looking for experienced professionals with global project management? This one could meet your needs well.

Forte: Mobile Solutions, Rapid Prototyping and Website & Application Development

6. UX Army


Willing to receive intuitive and user impelling designs and feels integrated with your project? Invest in the innovative, research-backed usability testing team of UX Army.

The team relies on sheer and helpful facts like implicit and explicit User’ Experience (UX) from the crowd online. Their strength is in working to receive highly intuitive and interactive graphic visualizations to saturate their UX/UI skills.

Forte: UI/UX, UX Research and Machine Learning


With all these above-mentioned UI/UX design agencies, you will find cost-effective services. If you are wondering about how to go ahead with the UI/UX cost calculation then we suggest you get in touch and talk it out.

Talking about stuff is always better than making assumptions! We are happy to help you with UI/UX designer list based in Singapore.

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