UI/UX is one of the most favorite and trending topics these days. The reason could be very simple. It could be the colors, graphics, and the amount of creativity this one includes in the process.

If we get our hands right on the tools and technologies, we will be able to get through the UI/UX need. If in case, you happen to read this piece before any other of ours on UI/UX, you might be wondering what is UI/UX?

In easy terms, UX/UI skills are all about creative kinds of stuff. That helps one to increase the retention time for any app/application.

Creativity has your attention and you are willing to play with colors and elements? You can invest in becoming a UI/UX designer.

Here are few tools that you can learn about for UI/UX :

1. Proto.io

Proto.io logo

Proto.io claims their UI/UX design software helps to create things that feel real. Want to create, organize, integrate, and test accurate mock-ups? Do all these with Proto.io.

It makes the collaboration process smooth. Fosters communication between team members through comments and video feedback. Integrate with some of the well-known UI/UX products like Lookback, Userlytics, and Validately.

2. Craft

Craft Logo

Craft gives you a sync function to keep your changes saved, as you work on your design. This is a plugin from InVision. It helps you side along on the project that you might be doing in Photoshop or Sketch.

It helps well with prototyping and collaborations. Things are easy and quick with tweaks, edits, and styling.

It allows you to fill your designs with helpful and relative images from Getty and iStock photos. You can even add up your content. This is a meaningful feature of craft as many contents creating tools lack in here.

3. Marvel

Marvel Logo

A newbie in UI/UX design? Marvel has a lot to help you with. Marvel provides UI/UX designers with everything they need. Create low fidelity and hi-fi wireframes, interactive prototypes, and user testing.

Build HTML and CSS using Marvel’s Handoff feature that helps take designing to the next level.

4. Adobe XD

Adobe XD Logo

Adobe is the hailing king of the design kingdom. Adobe XD brings similarity in the process for its Adobe users. Helps to create prototypes and mock-ups. All with an interface that’s familiar to anyone who has used other Adobe products.

Designers whip up interaction and include other dynamic elements. These are helpful to integrate into mock-ups or prototypes. Its real-time collaboration with many other designers makes it a go-to application.

5. Framer X

Framer X logo

This helps build functional prototypes and testing usability. It hosts the UI/UX design tools that are way more than its early days of a code-only prototyping application. Want to stay on top of the newest web design trends? Its feature to mingle well with React helps you do that with ease.

Leverage benefits like UI kits for integrating social media channels( Snapchat and Twitter), players for embedding a variety of media, grids, and other useful components.

6. Webflow

Webflow logo

Build whatever you desire with drag and drop without the need to know HTML and CSS. Its intuitive interface gives you the freedom to build and create anything. Anything interactive or creative.

Using web-flow helps you build a prototype. Use it as an actual website and helps generate structure that would do well with micro-interactions of HTML and CSS.

Also, this is time-saving as well, giving something to the developer instead of forwarding a prototype.

7. Origami Studio

Origami Studio Logo

Looking for something more advanced in designing? Origami Studio is a good one to catch hold of. But if you are looking for a bit of ease, you can pick InVision or Sketch.

The platform enables you to build complete prototypes. These provide designers with the opportunity to integrate advanced functionality. All because of its sophisticated patch editor that makes prototypes end up looking and working like a real app or webpage. Working parallel with Sketch? Origami studio works well with it. Bring designs from sketch and copy the layers with ease.

Well, creativity and innovativeness are sure things to play more with. Do you have it in your nerves to design and bring elements in perfect harmony? You should reach out to the best UX/UI design agencies.

Whether you want your training from in or out of Singapore, we assure you, there are best ways to keep your UI UX cost low. But there is no better way out if you skip listening to your creative side of designing and never invest in your skill!