Client Introduction

Engagement model: fixed price and on going support. Welio is a platform to help doctor establish remote consultant with patient, via video call, chat, sending messages.

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Client approached us to help create a booking system for their new client. 3 deliverables are needed from this project: A QR code scanner app, a backend system to create multiple sites for ticket purchase and collection, and a landing page for ticket booking. And all these had to be accomplished within a span of 10 working days!

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  • Swift 2
  • .Net backend
  • Twilio SMS service
  • Native Android
  • Microsoft Azure
  • E-way payment gateway integration
  • SQL Server
  • Push Notification
  • Twilio for video call
  • Firebase for real time messaging


  • There will be a lot of images, videos patient push to the app everyday.
  • HIPAA compliant
  • The design of mobile require lot of customisation.
  • The !rst task is replace the Skype for Business (legacy video call service) with Twilio (new video call service)
  • The legacy system has very complex (but unnecessary) authentication by using a lot of Microsoft Azure services


  • Doctor register his account and clinic information
  • Admin approve the registering Admin manage users
  • Admin manage clinics
  • Clinic operator make appointments for doctor and patient via webapp.
  • Doctor make video call patient via web app. Patient register new account on mobile app. OTP send via SMS.
  •  Patient makes video call with doctor via mobile app
  • Patient chat with doctor during waiting for the call.
  • Patient send messages (text/picture/video/voice) to doctor anytime.
  • Calendar management, “provider” management, OTP via SMS for registering, secure video chat, text chat, image upload, e-payment gateway, HIPPA compliant.


  • Replace Skype for Bussiness with Twilio Voice and Video Call
  • Simplify the login and register process
  • Implement the chatting functions between Doctor and Client
  • Implement the Async Messages between Doctor and Client
  • Follow the guideline from Microsoft to make sure the solution is HIPAA compliant
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