First impression is always the last impression. Talking about apps and applications, first impressions are created by UX and UI. They impact first impression creation by 94%!

In the race of bringing products in parallel with the well doing ones, the need to strategize and bring something unique in existence is mandatory. Investment in UX and UI is the key differentiator. Wondering what is UI/UX? Ultimately, aiming at human centered designs. 

Do you know how long does it take to strategize and launch an effective UI/UX? What are the various phases it goes through and most importantly how much costing it sums up to?

Digging into phase wise designing work will help to know the cost :


1. Forethought and Discovery

Forethought and Discovery

Even before the first sketch is made or approved, thinking what to create is important.

And this is achieved as mentioned below:

  • Research task is undertaken. The team consists of designer, business analyst and project manager.
  • Discussion with stakeholders, documentation examination and market study (depending on demographics like Singapore or India) helps to take work ahead further.
  • Gap between target audience and clients’ needs and demands is tried to be reduced. One way is to develop a Product Strategy. It is compared with similar work protocols.
  • Work description suiting the targeted client’s persona is prepared.
  • The phase kicks off with discussions and ends with persona preparation, business model discussions, and value preposition canvas and user journey map.
  • With time length of 2-3 weeks, this process costs up to $3k -$4k.

2. Strategizing UI/UX Designing

Strategizing UIUX designing

Now since we know what is to be created, creating well is important. To create well it is necessary to know what would do well among our targeted users. How to know that? Research!

Few more aspects of this phase:

  • This phase determines the major chunk of the UI/UX designer’s cost.
  • The phase majorly considers user research, testing, and early prototyping.
  • An important phase, as the results would bring impact on the remaining phase of the project’s UX/UI design.
  • The research methods include surveys, interviews, reading and referring to online videos.
  • Deriving results from various methods and then bringing in new research variants as per the need.
  • Identification of the participants along with their repeated testing takes up major space in the notion.
  • Data on grounds of quality and quantity is filtered. UX design researcher’s task is to bring surety for the designers before they take up the task.
  • The phase passes the user persona and facts on which the UX designing process is based.
  • Prototypes are validated by the users. One of the time expanding yet important phases of the process.
  • With a time length of 2-3 weeks, this process costs up to $3k -$4k.

3. Wireframing and Prototyping

Wireframing and Prototyping

After much discussion and research, the final step of UX designing is undertaken.

The various things considered in this phase are:

  • Conceptual design is been agreed to, as per the discussions and researches done.
  • The visual presentation of designs helps to know the possible loopholes and the area to work upon.
  • This phase is important to know when to move, add, or remove some elements.
  • A set of prototypes post wireframe development bring more clarity to the final UX/UI design.
  • Working on different UX/UI design versions of the app helps to provide enough options for clients to choose from.
  •  While the project covers both iOS and Android, our UI/UX designers work on iOS to start with and then take up the android version.
  • With a time length of 2 weeks, the process costs up to $1k -$1.5k.

4. Final Designing

Final Designing

More details are added to the prototypes of UI design received in the above phase. This is a detailed note work thereby coming up with the final look or UI design of the app.

The phase involves:

  • Playing with colors and adding graphical elements to bring the final look and feel of the product.
  • To make sure better UI is taken into consideration things like fonts, colors, logos, media and icons are considered.
  • The process involves step by step feedback intake and loop creation with clients to know the possible changes.
  • End results are the finest app designs that reflect the App clients are aiming for!
  • With a time length of 3-4 weeks, this one costs up to $2k -$3k.

Having said all that is above, there are cases wherein app costings do not stick to one regular pattern only.

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Some variants play a major role in the app cost decision. These are:

Multiple factors for ui ux costing

  • Demography

Looking for UI/UX design from a third party company? Consider the location wise pricing options. In this regard, India happens to be one of the easiest pricing options. While North America and Australia happen to be the costliest ones.  Eastern Europe provides an optimal quality-price ratio.

  • Project’s Nature

Project complexity depends on the use of native or custom elements. Using native design means following guidelines. Thus, spending less time on the UX/UI project. But due to fewer customization options like buttons, icons and images will have a default look. Talking about custom apps, everything has to be worked upon from scratch. And everything needs to be invented thus taking more time and effort. 

Studies reveal native apps might take up to 60 hours for completion while a custom demands at least 90 hours to be brought in. And as the time and efforts differ, so differs the costing strategy! In case of any confusion, you can opt for UX consultancy to know the possible benefits of both systems for your project.

  • Mobile Platform

Working on just one platform will obviously call for low costs. But the need to launch the app on both platforms need separate development for apps. App working on iOS cannot work well on Android and hence this separate requirement doubles up the cost and time investment.

To sum it up

Best work demands greater investment. There is no shortcut or replacement for good work that brings the best results.Are you looking for good results and willing to watch your dream vision turn into extreme reality? Then it is time to be open in your investments and wait for some great results.

Our UX/UI design agency Singapore deals with both native and custom apps which one are you looking for? Or are you interested to bring your designing skills to a new level and contribute to the market being one amazing UI/UX designer? Learn some UX/UI skills and nurture your potential! Learn more about the UI/UX tools and join our team!