Social media can be rightly called as the creative side of any hustle. We also know and understand that you won’t even need a reply for why and how! Everything is on Instagram and we are now even doing shopping from Instagram and are the first ones to take those early bird offers and all thanks to Instagram, Facebook and such media portals, for telling us about the offers!

We all know why we need to have a social media presence. But we also need to know, how we can make this social media presence, a little easier thing to cope up with.

If you are hovering over this piece, we know you are having a social media account for which, you need managers or you are willing to become one social media manager.

Whichever be the cause of the moment, here are few facts and stats to take care of:

  1. 55% of consumers learn about new brands on social
  2. 68% of consumers agree that social media enables them to interact with brands and companies
  3. 43% of consumers increased their social media use to discover new products in the last year.
  4. 78% of consumers are willing to buy from a company after having a positive experience with them on social
  5. 80% of business executives think it’s very important or essential to invest additional resources in social media marketing.
  6. 91% of executives will increase social media marketing budgets in the next 3 years.
  7. 72% of companies use social media data to inform business decision.

Here are few amazing shots on Social media, even when you are low in your bank:

Whether it is about social media marketing Singapore or about any other company we all have better ways to cope up with any persistent situation:

1. Get your team on one page:

Your employees are your team. The designer who invests hours in creating your post and the content creator who works in the nitty gritty details: all are your team members.

Together a Team cam achieves wonders and it is true for sure! Get your team on your side and take their help in promoting your page!

For organic posts, your content is largely only visible to your followers, so to maximise reach, it is crucial for your employees to engage with your content.

This might sound funny, but individual contacts are helpful for sure, in making things come on a better note.

By liking and sharing company posts, they can spread your content to their networks and potentially bring in new followers.

Pro Tip: Nobody has got Bots in their personal account and so it is a good idea to take help of your genuine team members to show off your account!

2. Generate well planned content

Content is the king of online platform.

The king remains true in power and shines well, if his strategies are right and the stardom is maintained well.

It is very necessary to plan the content right and in the consistent manner. You can be consistent and creative in your content planning with this:

a. Know your audience

b. Skip on having generic content. This will definitely dilute your social media presence.

c. Ensuring your voice tone and visual style to remain consistent is helpful and brig results.

Make sure, your content is generated well and this is well managed on both the offline and online scales.

3. Make connections

Networking or having connections is an amazing way to keep growing in your social media efforts. One of the best ways to make sure you are creating connections well.

You can tag your clients in your posts and in turn they would love to tag you back! Anybody who is interested in making genuine connections would love to do so!

But be careful of not spamming everyone and anybody with any kind of post. Tag other companies and individuals in relevant posts such as joint events. 

You never know how well your connections can help you. Only with patience, right efforts and real investment, you will be able to come through and witness all the possible results of it!

4. Hashtags and keywords are necessary

Hashtags and keywords are helpful when we make sure things are needed to be presented when the relevant searches are made.

This is more about Hashtags are the best way to ensure your content shows up to people not following your page. Just keep making sure that your hashtags are not too much and are absolutely relevant.

Want to know, how the hashtags and keywords would be relevant? Keywords are useful so that your page shows up to those searching for the type of content you are providing.

5. CTAs are important, no wonder!

Want to help your readers in knowing what needs to be done next? This is more about using the right Call to Action buttons to exactly help your users and in secret helping yourself by leading them to your desired location!

There are various needs to make sure CTAs are important and they are taken in the right manner to be used well for your initiatives’ welfare.

6. Take the initiative!

Never get dull on the side of making best use of your connections! Get ready to bring better solutions on the table and make sure you are proactive in making the best offers available to your customers.

Respond to the comments and the questions asked by your followers when you post on your timeline. This will help you in keeping your followers engaged.

Thus, this will help you in making things sorted. In this manner, you can keep your page active and people would like to keep your things sorted in the best manner.

7. Be flexible and keep tracking your efforts!

When we get into the field of social media, we sincerely need to be flexible. This is more about needing to know how we can make sure things can be more creative and helpful for our social media initiatives.

Whenever you pull up some new efforts into realm, we really need to be sure if; they are helping us in hitting the target right or not. This is more about making sure, we are getting better ROI from various point of views, when grouped together and used collectively on our social media handle.

8. Be a shameless promoter of your page!

Somethings need to be done shamelessly! And being a promoter of your page is one of those things. You can make sure that everybody in your circle knows how well you are taking care of your page.

You can even share some ideas and from your page and make sure, everybody or your inner friend circle gets to see them! With a better understanding, things are more about making sure at least your circle knows about your social media handles and you are the one, who could be the one, who will tell them!

Just be shameless and make sure you go right way all the way to make your page shine like a diamond in front of your peers!

These above mentioned few strategies are something that you would be able to take up even when you are running on a low budget!

There are many myths and things that we need to work upon when it comes to social media and its various related operations.

Be a shameless

Here are few myths that we think should be broken today:

1. Social media is just for fun

It is very true that social media is just for fun. But this does not matter when we this into business perspective. This is more about making sure, even though we use social media for fun, how well can we harness its potential for our growth and business?

Willing to know more about things? We, being a part of the social media company in Singapore, would love to guide you on those peripherals!

2. It will reap results after a real long time

Yes, it is very true that every best thing takes time to grow and give us better results. But this time period does not have to be that real long!

If we invest well in social media strategies, this would be more about making sure, things are going to payoff really well!

We would be needing consistency, creativity and better ideas to keep posting stuff that would be loved by the audience. And if we do our part right, we would be amazingly blessed by some amazing results, real soon!

It will reap

3. Social media maintenance is very costly

Maintaining social media is a real pain. This is agreed, but we do not agree to this, that it is always costly.

If you are willing to invest in social media strategies, you always need to bring up better game scene. This is more about making sure things come up on the right note and this is not always about investing a hefty amount. But this is a lot more about making the right decision when you choose to invest.

 So, in a nutshell, social media investment is not a costly process, if taken on a right note. If you get a good social media marketing company Singapore, you will be even better in handling things, within budget for your betterment.

4. Without social media your business cannot survive!

It is not completely true, that your business won’t be able to survive without social media! But this is also true, that if you do not have a social media account, you won’t be able to make your business thrive, as it should have!

Every business desires to thrive once it gets established. If you are willing to bring better notes and phases in your business then you surely would need to have a social media account.

5. Social media business accounts cannot sound fun

This is something, we personally don’t favor! We understand and we know it really well, that the things are needed to be kept professional and we need to bring things up to that level!

But we all can include a little of fun and well related schedules in the social media posting norms. All work and no play will lead to difficult times in the work routine and this is not good every time!

We surely can go for some serious or business related kind of posts, but we also need to make sure things are not very serious all the time!


Now, you don’t need to add up more in your routine, to get even more in your routine. You can start small. And with small start you can keep coming on bigger notes!

You don’t need to break your bank in order to have a satisfying social media agency Singapore by your side.

We, at iCORE Singapore knows how to help you save from excess inputs and even how to make it, when you are excessively low in your budget. Willing to get some help with better strategies that are awarding and reaping benefits with consistent efforts?

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